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  • Anthony O'Brien Bedford

Welcome to Conjure Communications

I am so excited to be writing this and officially launching Conjure Communications.

Having spent the best part of a decade working in PR and brand marketing / communications, it has been a constant dream of mine to launch my own offering. Throughout my career I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from some exceptional PR professionals, I am now thrilled to take all my learnings and apply them to my own unique brand of magic.

Throughout the pandemic we have seen the importance of brand loyalty and consumer engagement, when we lost almost all forms of day-to-day communication and had to rely on virtual + digital comms more than ever, it represented a challenging time but also an opportunity for brands in Ireland.

At Conjure Communications the focus will very much be on engaging local consumers via both traditional and new forms of communication + PR. Now more than ever it is crucial for brands to think globally but engage locally. Local businesses need consumer support crucially, and in order to cut through the noise and make a long-lasting impression on consumers, a little bit of brand magic will be needed.

I look forward to showcasing the diversified offering from Conjure Communications through savvy and results driven campaigns for clients who need to engage with their consumers and elevate their reputations.

Let’s make some magic!



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